Halyard Masks

The Sewing Hui is currently creating Haylard Masks for schools and high risk community groups.

The Halyard Mask is made out of the same materials we used for the Maui Face Mask Project. It has two layers of the Halyard H600 sterilization wrap and a layer of paper rag, it also comes with adjustable ear straps. This mask is ideal for double masking, as the CDC is now recommending people wear two masks if possible. This would be perfect under a fabric mask. It can be cleaned by following the instructions on this video from Dr. Irminne Van Dyken of Maui, who designed the original mask we made during the Maui Face Mask Project. 

Schools and high risk community groups please get in touch with us if you are in need of Halyard Masks. We want to continue to keep our Maui community safe. Send an email to thesewinghui@gmail.com for mask requests. Mahalo!