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Keiki Harvest Aprons

We create keiki harvest aprons for certified prekindergarten educational gardening programs. 

Heather Greenwood, Extension Faculty, and Daniella Vingelen, Program Facilitator, came to The Sewing Hui with this idea to create keiki harvest aprons for their program. They are facilitating the "Agriculture on the Bookshelf" program , a free 4-week gardening program for pre-kindergarten keiki offered through UH Manoa via the Maui extension office.

We collaborated with Daniella and Heather to help create 20 of these sweet little aprons for their pre-k harvesters in their educational programs. They tie-dyed keiki-sized aprons and we helped them create these little harvester pouches in the front so that the keiki can harvest their plants. Every apron is unique in their green tie-dye patterns. We can't wait to see the keiki dive into the themes of their program planting, caring, growing, and harvesting.

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