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Cookbook Fundraiser

The Sewing Hui is so excited to share the launch of our very own Cookbook!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Debbie Shimabukuro, Diana Woods and everyone who volunteered and submitted their favorite recipes. It would not have happened without everyone’s input. Mahalo nut loa! 

Why a cookbook you ask?

You might ask why The Sewing Hui would create a cookbook? Well, we gather together to sew, talk story, and eat nearly every week. Stopping to share a meal has been part of this group since we first came together as the Maui Face Mask Project at Seabury Hall in Spring 2020 to make masks. The project created 10,411 high quality filter face masks for Maui’s healthcare providers. Various restaurants and chefs provided lunch for us every day during the 8 weeks that we gathered to make those masks. And since then, our group has not stopped sewing for the Maui community. We have continued as The Sewing Hui of Maui and have continued meeting nearly every week to sew for the community. Our sewing hui has become very tight-knit. Friendships have been formed, and so much good work has been done for the community. FOOD (and our afternoon tea!) ... in its own special way has contributed to supporting the work we do. It just makes sense that we would create a cookbook to share our favorite recipes with the community.

What's inside?

The cookbook will include over 100 recipes spanning many cultures and lifestyles. From Vegan to meat lovers, easy "go-to" recipes when pinched on time as well as elegant full blown dishes. Recipes from our schools as well as out of state and out of country!!! We have Hawaiian, Swiss, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish favorites! There is a nice selection in all categories, from appetizers, side dishes, main dishes and of course the desserts section. This cookbook has truly become a quilt, woven together with all of the people, organizations, volunteers, schools, and friends who have been a part of The Sewing Hui’s journey thus far. It is more than just a cookbook, it is a reflection of the community that has been built since The Sewing Hui’s inception as an organization. Thank you to all of our Sewing Hui friends who have become a part of this cookbook! 

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 3.38.21 PM.png
Vintage Cookbook

Pre-orders are open!

Cookbooks will be available to order until AUGUST 30th! 

Cookbooks will be ready to be picked up at our studio on or around the 1st of November. We will email you when they are ready. And if you requested your book to be shipped, it should arrive by or near mid November.

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